Calculator tool for the sustainability of paper recycling Paper recycling sustainability calculator tool

The scope of the EcoRecycling calculator tool is to enhance the environmental sustainability of paper based products, starting from the analysis of the recycling performances.

The methodology for the characterization of the quantitative relations between the most relevant recycling parameters and environmental impacts of the recycling process was developed in the EcoPaperLoop project and implemented in the present calculator.


The requested inputs for the environmental assessment are the most significant deinking and recycling parameters obtained in laboratory tests, according to the international test methods Ingede Method 11 and EcoPaperLoop Method 1

Deinking parameters for graphic paper products

Luminosity and the Dirt Speck content of deinked pulp

Recycling parameters for packaging paper products

Coarse rejects, separated during the cleaning of pulp, and Macro-stickies content of recycled pulp


The outputs of the calculator are the most important environmental impacts of recycling of graphic paper products

related to deinking process
electricity consumption
related to deinking process

The outputs of the calculator are the most important environmental impacts of recycling of packaging paper products

waste production
related to recycling process
electricity consumption
related to recycling process
In addition, the Carbon Footprint of the deinking/recycling process is calculated, according to IPCC 2013 GWP100 and reported as CO2 equivalent emission per functional unit of paper products.

Further information about the calculation of environmental impacts:

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