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The KoBaS project aims to provide a breakthrough in the current practices in the use of manufacturing machines, developing a set of generic tools of new conception meant to enable the quick customization of software solutions of new conception meant to provide, on one hand, an advanced task and process planning and, on the other hand, machine maintenance, training and management support, founded on techniques such as Virtual Reality, 3D and Discrete Events Simulation, Knowledge Based System and Finite Element Analysis, evolved, combined and optimized in their interaction thanks to a new brand of innovative technologies that are the main object of KoBaS. The approach is meant to be flexible, adaptable, and scalable, to cope with the needs of a wide range of manufacturing centres for a number of traditional but strategic industrial sectors in Europe. These novel Solutions, for task and process planning, will be provided as services (customized for every manufacturing machine) for less intensive R&D traditional industrial sectors, by a Network of High-Tech SMEs that will be build during the project Thanks to this new core of innovative tools, the manufacturing machine itself becomes intelligent, being aware of its state and being able to provide the actual goods, starting from the virtual model of the goods to be produced and naturally interacting with the user.

First Kobas schema

The manufacturing machine builder, confronted with the difficulty of the task and process planning of his equipment and willing to provide a new brand of powerful services to his customer, such as intelligent maintenance, asks to the Network of High Tech SMEs for a set of customized software solutions for his machine. The KoBaS Network thus provides, thanks to the new instruments and approaches developed within the project, a set of KoBaS tools that will be sold, by the machine builder, to the end-user together with the manufacturing machine. The end-user of the manufacturing machine himself can ask to the KoBaS Network a personalized solution for his particular environment and final products.

On the left side of the schema, the basic Components of KoBaS are highlighted. These are tools developed within the project for the Network of High Tech SMEs. These Components represent the enabling technologies core, used by the Network of SMEs, to provide customized software tools for a large number key industrial European sectors of manufacturing machine builders and users.

On the right side, the schema shows a general architecture of a KoBaS solution implemented for a specific manufacturing machine. The software, realized by the Network with the building Components and customized for the machine, is installed on the machine itself, providing a whole set of solutions: from Part Program creation to Maintenance service and so on.

Second Kobas schema

KoBaS Knowledge Based Customized Services for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors Provided by a Network of High Tech SMEs - FP6-2002-NMP-2 - Development of new processes and flexible & intelligent manufacturing systems: Support to the development of new knowledge based added value products and services in traditional less RTD intensive industries - IP dedicated to SMEs

Claudio Roberto Boër Project coordinator
Paolo Pedrazzoli Project manager
Américo Azevedo RTD Activities Supervisor
Kostatas Chrysagis IR Activities Supervisor
Van Khai Nguyen Demonstration Activities Supervisor
Iñaki Maurtua Ormaetxea Training Activities Supervisor