Panagenesi Project

Optimization of pancreatic islets transplantation through fibroin scaffold

Panagenesi's Partners

The PANAGENESI project originated from the initiative of five actors with complementary knowledge ans skills:

fibroin, a the most valuable protein of the silk, with high biocompatibility, processing versatility and ability to promote cell growth (Stazione Sperimentale per la Seta)

the preparation of twisted silk yarn with distinctive characteristics and mechanical performance (Torcitura di Menaggio)
advanced textile machinery applied to knitwear (Comez)

the manufacturing of 3D textiles with peculiar morphological and functional characteristics (Gaetano Rossini Holding)

recent developments in medical research that led to the identification of innovative methods for the treatment of diabetic patients through the transplantation of pancreatic cells (Niguarda Hospital and University of Miami)

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