Integration platforms

Exploit software application and system synergies

In the presence of different software applications and systems, composed of several independent legacy solutions, introducing an integration platform brings two main advantages:

  • At data level it allows to work on shared information and new data is automatically made available to other systems
  • At process level it provides a single and logical interface to the different services and applications implementing the underlying process

The last advantage can be exploited not only for integration with other IT systems but to create a graphical application that can lead the operator in an intuitive and controlled way through the various process steps, reducing time and improving production quality.

How it works

Our integration platform solution is based on web services (SOAP or REST) dedicated to providing a common interface to the organization’s different systems, running on Tomcat or Jetty servers and written in Java. When necessary, if required for integration with existing systems, an additional level of compatibility can be created using custom applications written in Java, C++ or C# and running on the major operating systems (Windows and Linux).

Finally, the graphical user interface is customized for each solution to suit the specific needs of the system and the architectural constraints. In this case they are implemented using web based intranet sites or cross-platform applications (Windows, Mac, Linux) developed in Java/JavaFX.