Our mission

In 1993 TTS - Technology Transfer System S.r.l. was founded as a spin-off of a Research Institute involved in the development of innovative manufacturing technologies and automation systems. The company business profile has been widened during time complementing traditional research activities in the area of simulation and knowledge management with the development of proprietary and customized IT solutions for manufacturing companies and technology transfer actions. Recently, company business has incorporated consultancy on business development, support to innovation management and quality and environmental assurance.

Developing and providing integrated product-service solutions to SMEs is TTS main commitment, with the goal to find customized and effective answers to its customers'' requirements and growth targets.

A strong attention is continuously given to internal research and innovation activities, also within international outstanding research projects together with major European and worldwide research and innovation leading actors.
Consistently with its Mission, TTS is constantly engaged in enabling the transfer of technologies and innovation from the research to the manufacturing areas through the creation of permanent partnerships and networks involving innovation suppliers and users (universities, research centers, SMEs and public/private financing institutions).

TTS skills are twofold: on the technology-driven side we own and offer 3D animations and simulations, discrete event simulation and virtual reality, while on the business-driven side knowledge management systems, innovation management procedures, business development, quality and environmental assurance systems are the core competences, together with the technical and research management of national and international projects.