Plant simulation

Product plants monitoring and analysis

The synergy of the experience gained from the field with the research in the context of national and international innovation projects has allowed the development of high specializations in the analysis and simulation of production facilities by using discrete event simulation combined with 3D simulation.

We provide high value services, customized for the needs of each company, that range from the simulation project to the integration of the simulation in your company. The experience of our experts, their ability to understand the real issues of your company along with the usage of an innovative simulation tool are key factors to provide services that minimize time and costs and maximize results for customers. Furthermore, we pass our project know-how directly to your users in order to facilitate the collaborative work and to go on it after the end of our collaboration.

Our services addresses manufacturing companies oriented to reconfigure their internal production processes and/or to make them more efficient and production facility providers interested to assess in advance the performances of new production systems and to provide a real support in the commercial proposal.

A 3D simulation model always provides:

  • a systemic view of a production system
  • a clear comprehension of risks and benefits related to changes on a production system
  • the opportunity to reduce time and costs

TTS can also help the implementation of simulation in your company and provide the needed training.

This solution is available for multitouch interfaces too.